Finding The Best Extended Stay Accommodations

Finding The Best Extended Stay Accommodations

Finding The Best Extended Stay Accommodations
By Alvern Bullard

Many people who travel for business must find accommodations that provide the same amenities that they have at home. When you are looking for the best extended stay Phoenix accommodations, following a few simple tips will help you to feel comfortable and at home while having all of the needs and requirements you have to conduct business effectively provided.

The accommodations should have wireless internet hook-up in the rooms that you choose as well as an area where you can work easily. A business traveler often must prepare their presentations in their accommodations and it is important that you have the space required to set up your materials and organize your presentation easily.

Customer service representatives should be able to provide you with assistance for transportation to and from your meetings or conferences. This will be a key factor in your decision for accommodations when you are staying in a large city and will be attending conferences or meetings in locations that have limited parking.

The accommodations you choose should be appropriate for the length of your stay. Some of the extended accommodation providers offer suites that include separate sleeping and eating areas. These spaces are furnished and provide you with all of the linens, furniture and kitchen appliances you need to make your stay comfortable.

Most of the extended stay accommodations offer conference and meetings rooms within the facility that will allow you to conduct your meetings more easily. The rooms have the media and equipment required to conduct a dynamic program in an environment that is comfortable and easy to reach.

Some businesses find that contracting with the hotel on a yearly basis is easier than making reservations on a “per trip” basis. By contracting for long term accommodations, staff are able to plan meetings and events around the accommodations without the worry of there being no room available. The staff work with business owners to assure that their unique needs and requirements are met and that the accommodations are prepared and ready each time you or your staff arrive.

Many of the extended stay Phoenix accommodations also provide catering for group meetings and have a restaurant in the hotel, in addition to the kitchenette in your room. When you want to have a private dinner meeting in the restaurant, it is easy to reserve an area where there will be minimal interruptions. The representative of the accommodations will provide you with the information and details you need regarding the availability of the rooms and catering services that are provided when you contact them.

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